Our Fees

General Fees for Standard Consultations

Appointment Type Fee Medicare Rebate Out of Pocket
Standard Consult $80 $41.20 $38.80
Long Consult $120 $79.70 $40.30
Extra Long Consult $155 $117.40 $37.60
Telehealth $80 $41.20 $38.80

Bulk Billing

  • Bulk billing is available for standard consultations for eligible patients.
  • Government-funded vaccines, health assessments, diabetes reviews & care plans will remain bulk-billed for all patients.
  • Procedures, non-government-funded vaccines and specialised services are not eligible for bulk billing.


Who is eligible for a Bulk-Billed appointment?

  • Children under 16 years of age


  • Patients with a Concession Card (Centrelink, DVA, pension etc.)

Please note: Patients for our BSCDS and HepReach clinics will continue to be bulk billed for these services.

Telehealth Appointments

Telehealth appointments are only available for patients who have had a face-to-face consult in the last 12 months. These will have an out-of-pocket fee of $38.80 for all patients unless otherwise stated by your Doctor.

If you have not had a face-to-face consult in the past 12 months you will not be eligible for the Medicare rebate and will be required to pay the full fee amount (as we will be unable to bill Medicare for the appointment).

Recall Appointments

Recall appointments (sometimes called results appointments) are billed at the same rate as our standard appointments and are for discussing results only. This appointment may be bulk-billed at your Doctors discretion.

Medicare Cards

Please note if you do not have a valid Medicare Card at the time of your appointment we will be unable to bill Medicare for your appointment, and you will not be eligible for a Medicare rebate. Full fees apply.

Online Claiming

Patients with their bank account details registered with Medicare can get their rebate paid within 48 hours. If you prefer to do this by yourself, a receipt can be printed.

Cancellation Policy/ Failure to Attend

If you cannot attend your appointment, we respectfully request a minimum of 4 hours’ notice to avoid a did not attend (DNA) fee. Failure to attend your appointment without giving the required notice will result in a non-refundable private fee of $30. This fee does not have a Medicare rebate and is payable before you can rebook your next appointment.


Please note: Failure to attend GP Management Plans, Team Care Arrangements, and Mental Health Care appointments will result in a $50 DNA fee.


Inala Primary Care is a mixed-billing general practice. Payment is required at the time of consultation.

Please note: We are a cashless practice and do not carry any cash on the premises.

We accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, EFTPOS, Credit Card (Not AMEX). 

Please call our practice (07) 3275 5444 to book an appointment or book via HotDoc.

We can now make payment requests via Hotdoc, Email, or telephone.