About Us

Inala Primary Care is a fully accredited, team based, patient-centred general practice. We have been delivering medical care to our community since 2007, and put our patients before profits, offering a personalised and comprehensive approach to patient care.

We do this by operating as a charity and reinvesting our profits into resources and initiatives to better serve our patients. We are an innovative practice who truly cares about delivering health for good. As such, we are expanding into new locations, and developing a new healthcare precinct which will begin servicing the wider community in 2022.

As we continue to grow our operations, we are cultivating a team of dedicated and skilled healthcare professionals who will help drive our purpose and impact real change in the healthcare community.

Our Vision

To create a healthier, more equal society by making quality, comprehensive health care accessible and fun to deliver!

Our Promise

We provide health for good; our way of making sure everyone can be their best every day. We promise nobody will ever leave our practice feeling like a number because every consultation makes a difference!

Our Values



to change, learn and grow

Courage (1)


to make a difference for patients and our colleagues

Courage (2)


to each other, and in our care forothers

Courage (3)


in people, relationships and systems resulting in gold-standard care

Courage (4)


which matters to our patients and community

Courage (5)


people can put their trust in us and the results we will deliver