Telehealth & Video Consultations

At Inala Primary Care we are pleased to offer telephone and video consultations (where appropriate) to our patients. These appointments allow us to deliver patient care in a high-quality, comprehensive and convenient way.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth allows you to easily connect with your GP over telephone or video meeting for a consultation.

Please Note: Telehealth appointments are only available for those who have had a face-to-face appointment with their GP in the last 12 months, otherwise we are unable to bill Medicare for this service.

When to use Telehealth

Telephone consultations can generally be used for:

  • Vulnerable patients who are at increased risk if they contract COVID-19
  • Issuing medical certificates or repeat prescriptions
  • Mental health consultations, counselling and similar services
  • Routine chronic disease check-ups, especially if patients are stable and have monitoring devices (if required) at home
  • Any consultation where the trade-off between attending in person and staying at home favours the latter
  • COVID-19 related conditions 

There is no need to use video if a telephone call with suffice. For some patients, a video consultation will be more appropriate than telephone – for example, if you are hard of hearing or deaf, a video consultation with your GP will provide you with the opportunity to lip read.

Video consultations allow GPs to view patients, which can assist in wound management and reviews, and may assist in determining if you look unwell given there is no opportunity to undertake a physical examination.


CLICK HERE to learn more about video consultations.

When not to use Telehealth

  • If you may have a potentially serious, high-risk condition requiring a physical examination, particularly if you suffer from chronic disease and are unable to self-monitor appropriately.
  • When a physical/internal examination is required
  • Where your ability to communicate by telephone consultation is compromised and you do not have a support person to assist you during the consultation, impacting clinical quality and patient safety. E.g. Situations where a telephone interpreter is required
  • If you have NOT been to the practice for a face-to-face consultation within the last 12 months

How do I book a Telehealth Appointment?

Call our friendly reception team on (07) 3275 5444 to book in your Telehealth appointment.