Team Type: Doctors

Dr Nadia Jackson

Dr. Nadia Jackson graduated from James Cook University in 2014. She has held hospital roles in Princess Alexandra Hospital, Ipswich Hospital and a community role in the Redlands area as a Palliative Medicine Registrar. She enjoys the diversity of medicine offered by general practice. Dr Jackson has a special interest in palliative care. Outside of […]

Caroline Yates

Dr Caroline Yates has been with Inala Primary Care for over three years enjoying general practice and supervising, teaching and training new GPs. She has a strong interest in chronic disease and is one of the original Fellows in the Keeping Kidneys Program, and now also works in the Brisbane South Complex Diabetes Service at […]

Suzanne Williams

Dr Suzanne Williams is the Director of Medical Services at Inala Primary Care and was the medical driving force behind Inala Primary Care’s successful Keeping Kidneys Service. In 2016, Sue was the recipient of the Kidney Health Australia ‘Operation Angel’ award in recognition of the significant contributions that she has made to the management of […]

Cang Van

Dr Cang Van grew up in Inala and first trained as a pharmacist.  He maintains an ongoing interest in medication management through the oversight of our current pilot which uses a Pharmacist within the practice to provide patient education, medication reconciliation for folks leaving hospital, advice on drug combinations and reporting of adverse drug reactions […]

Ingrid Weate

Dr Ingrid Weate has been with Inala Primary Care for almost 7 years and even though she owns her own practice, she continues to enjoy working with us and servicing the Inala and surrounding communities. Dr Weate graduated from the University of Queensland Medical School with Class 2 Honours in 2002. Prior to this, she […]

Clare Maher

Dr Clare Maher has a special interest in Diabetes and works as a Clinical Fellow in the Brisbane South Complex Diabetes Service. Clare’s special procedures include reading Diabetic Retinopathy images and the management of insulin stabilisation.  Her interests include visiting a teen mothers’ school at Sunnybank to provide support for vulnerable young mothers and their […]

Simone Dowling

Dr Simone Dowling brings to Inala Primary Care a strong background in Women’s and Children’s Health. She is especially interested in Menopause, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and contraception, and also the insertion and removal of Implanon. Simone also works at TRUE  (previously the Family Planning Clinic) in Fortitude Valley where she further pursues her interests in […]

Helen Dettori

Dr Helen Dettori works as a Clinical Fellow in the Brisbane South Complex Diabetes Service at Inala Primary Care. She enjoys working with the full range of presentations to general practice and particularly helping people to understand and manage their medical conditions. High on her interest list is assisting patients to improve their physical and […]

Stephanie Chua

After spending time as a junior doctor and trainee in general practice, Dr Stephanie Chua has returned to Inala Primary Care for the third time. Stephanie enjoys the breadth and diversity of conditions and patients that present to general practice and she feels her best as a ‘generalist’. Stephanie’s special interests are in antenatal care, […]

Timothy Chan

Dr Timothy Chan has returned to Inala Primary Care after completing his GP Registrar training. Tim’s special interests include general adult medicine, chronic disease management and children’s health. He is particularly interested and skilled in Advanced Skin-cancer surgery and comprehensive skin checks. Other procedural skills include Implanon insertion, and correction of ingrown toenails. Tim relates […]