Partnering with us

Inala Primary Care works in an area rated amongst Queensland’s 12 most disadvantaged.  The other 11 are all remote indigenous communities.  That means our metropolitan practice, home to nearly 5000 patients, is witness every day to the health implications of people born into or facing social issues.  Bridging the health and social care divide is one of our challenges.  Very few of our patients have the ability to effectively navigate the systems which could reduce their stress and suffering so we try to fill the gap.

Our patient population comes from around 120 different ethnicities.  This community has a hollowed middle age profile as those who can find ongoing paid work tend to move to other parts of Brisbane.  That leaves us to care for the very young or the old.  We also have above national average rates of patients with mental health concerns, disability, cancer and chronic disease.  So we see lots of the same patients very often making our work harder and slower than most general practices.

Our commitment to offering high quality, comprehensive care in a community setting means we are always striving to practice according to the latest evidence, stretch the boundaries of technology deployment or use data to inform our every decision.  Therefore, at every part of the clinical and business spectrum we are designing new ways to do things.

Our work has been recognised through numerous national awards and through ongoing requests from Australian and overseas healthcare players to visit our site.  For example, in May 2016 we were made Australian General Practice of the Year by AGPAL (the largest accrediting body for primary care).  We have staff and Board members selected to sit on a variety of national committees and are a voting member of our Primary Health Network.  Therefore, in partnering with Inala Primary Care, you are collaborating with an organisation trusted to lead the way in reforming the way care is delivered and managed.

What we offer to partners is:

  • Access to a patient base of nearly 5000
  • The seasoned expertise of over 40 clinical and administration staff and a Board of high profile experts in their fields
  • The opportunity to work along a continuum of care provision which addresses the root causes of poverty, stress and illness
  • A window into the hospital system through our partner projects for managing complex chronic disease patients in the community through ‘beacon’ models
  • A proactive and systems driven approach to service delivery and innovation with the research capacity to identify priority needs and evaluate the impact of solutions
  • Access to innovative thinkers and well networked leaders who are committed to changing policy, funding and social structures over the longer term
  • A strategic business development group experienced in designing solutions which deliver results and attract pilot funding
  • A testbed experiencing today the challenges which will confront Australia tomorrow as populations age, chronic disease rates accelerate and income stretched households become the norm
  • A team based organisation which embraces systems and technology to support better patient care and clinician work satisfaction
  • Visibility for results achieved via quarterly patient newsletters, regular columns and articles in industry journals written by our CEO
  • Inclusion in presentations at Forums and Conferences by our team who are sought after trainers and speakers
  • Mention of activity or results via the organisation’s social media stream, news pages on our website and in our Annual Report
  • The potential to leverage our expansion as we continue to replicate our models in other practices and in new practices we aim to own

In summary, we are a charity working in the largest sector of the Australian economy ie healthcare.  We are equally comfortable with fundraising and commercialisation.  We have a number of jointly funded services running at the practice so we know our way around out-sourcing, contracts and project delivery.  We have a growing number of joint ventures in place to commercialise our intellectual property.  We have a nimble Leadership Group and Board with the experience to assess opportunities, explore collaborative potential and turn associations into long-term partnerships of mutual benefit.  So if you have an idea or even better a solution you would like to pilot or further develop, please contact Chris Smeed, Director of Finance and Business Development to initiate a discussion.