Patients requesting scripts, even for medication they have previously taken, will be asked to make an appointment to see their usual GP. If your need for a medication is urgent and your doctor is not in, you will be asked to make an appointment to see another doctor. This policy is in place because medications can cause unwanted affects. Our doctors are liable if they prescribe any drug which causes an adverse event. Such events are easier to avoid if the doctor can check your symptoms, weight and overall health before any drug is prescribed.

On rare occasions your doctor may be in the practice but fully booked. If they have seen you the day before or are satisfied that issuing a script without seeing you poses limited risk, you may be able to request a script over the phone. This service will attract a $25 fee which has no Medicare rebate. Medicare only reimburses patients and clinicians if the doctor has seen the patient face to face. The $25 will be payable when you arrive to collect the script and can be paid by cash or Eftpos.