Our Patient Charter

We care for our patients cradle to grave. Sustaining long term relationships with patients and entire families means we need to understand each other. Our patient charter is our way of listing our commitments to our patients and their carers. In turn, we expect our patients and their carers to accept some responsibility for their own health and making our time together as useful as possible. Our Charter spells out those mutual obligations.

Our commitment to you – we will:Your commitments:
Put patients and their families at the centre of everything we doAttend the one general practice so that we know you and all your needs
Welcome all, care equally and appreciate everyone’s life storyBe open minded and friendly to other patients and their families
Always ask ourselves “how can we make a difference?”Be polite to our team and let them know when they have done well
Listen and work as a team with patients to help them achieve their goalsCommit to healthy living and let us know when your needs change
Talk about options and provide time and education to support patient choiceAsk questions, seek advice and think about your real needs
Work together with patients openly and honestlyCancel appointments you cannot attend at least a day ahead
Be available, responsive and committed to continuity of careBook for a longer appointment if you have more than one problem to discuss
Ensure patient privacy, dignity and confidentialityTreat everyone with respect and never share what you have seen at the practice
We are curious about people’s life experience & non-judgemental listenersWhen you feel down tell us what  bothers you about the past, present & future
Look outside of our practice to address needs and create a healthier communityLet us know of needs you see to improve our community
See the delivery of quality care and ongoing improvement as everyone’s jobAccept medical practice changes and consider participating in our research
Coordinate care across the health and social care neighbourhoodMake your best effort to act on referrals and take medications as prescribed
Advocate for patients and negotiate for better healthcare resourcesLet us know when you have been to hospital so that we track down what needs to happen next