New Australians

Inala has a rich history of housing every wave of new arrivals seen since the end of the Second World War.  From the Pacific Islands to Puerto Rico, our work with peoples from around 120 different cultures means we offer informed care with compassion.

For our Vietnamese and Spanish speaking communities we offer special services with bi-lingual doctors and allied health providers who have decades of experience.

We routinely use interpreters in our work.  Around one in seven of our appointments each week involves an interpreter.  Please let us know if you need help communicating in English.

How we care:

  • We Partner with Mater Health Services to screen all newly arrived settlers on humanitarian visas to get them access to any care they need
  • We support overseas born people with private health insurance who are here to study or await the outcome of their Visa applications
  • We offer diet, parenting and settlement support to ease the transition to a new country
  • We deliver catch-up immunisations across all ages
  • We offer culturally sensitive services to young mothers
  • We specialise in supporting families with many children
  • We adjust medications to suit religious festivals
  • We offer care for victims of torture and trauma
  • We wrap mental health and social services around our medical care

In a country where 28% of our population was born overseas, we believe everyone should get a fair go.  We delight in working with patients and communities who flourish in our land of opportunity.  We provide extra support to those whose experiences of war, famine, natural disaster and dislocation mean they need special care.

Please visit to learn more about our work in this area, and how you can make a difference.