Mental Health

Over 12% of all Australians will have a mental health condition at any given point in time.  Around 45% will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime.  Just like any injury, mental health is real and better supported by an accurate diagnosis and access to the right care.

We take your mental and emotional health seriously.  When you feel weak or stressed you are less likely to stay fit or take the medications which will keep you well.  Being a carer can place additional stress on you.  For your sake and that of your family member we recommend seeking help early if things start to feel too much.  We have an understanding team who can help.

We offer:

  • GP appointments to diagnose what is going on
  • Access to tools and activities which help
  • We routinely coach patients using online resources
  • We offer Mental Health Care Plans which access Medicare funded psychology appointments. With our in-house psychologists you can obtain their support confidentially and in the knowledge that your GP will be kept informed.
  • We do home visits for the house bound
  • We can do group work so that you can learn from others
  • For patients with ongoing mental health challenges we have an onsite mental health nurse. She can visit you at home, help you with appointments, interviews and shopping.  Care is even available by phone and through walking groups.
  • Many of our patients have suffered torture or trauma. Some have a diagnosis of PTSD.  We offer ongoing care and links to specialist services.

Never be afraid to ask for help.  Help is what we like to give the most.  So talk to your nurse or GP about how you are really feeling.  It may be that some extra support right now is just want you need to get through this phase.