Later Life

We believe that every community can be judged based on how it treats is youngest and it’s elderly.  We are a compassionate group wanting to help everyone be their best every day.  That is why we will take the time to listen, respect your experience and treat you with the care you deserve.

We offer:

  • Immunisations relevant to the over 65’s eg. Flu, Shingles, Whooping Cough
  • Travel medicine to ensure you enjoy health while holidaying
  • Preventative Health Checks to keep on top of screening you should have
  • Medication reviews to ensure you are on the right and cheapest drugs
  • Special support for patients with diabetes
  • Ongoing management of cardiovascular disease
  • Memory, mobility and dementia support
  • Over 75 Health Checks to help you get access to extra services
  • Pain management
  • Driving fitness reviews
  • Support for sleep disorders
  • Sexual health support
  • Care for depression and anxiety
  • End of life care planning
  • Palliative care
  • Residential aged care facility visits

A number of our doctors have a special interest in geriatric medicine and aged care.  We can offer you a care team of a nurse and a doctor to help you set goals, extend the limits of your health and reduce the risks of your diseases getting worse.  We want you to stay home, stay well and stay in touch.