Sometimes life is not fair.  That is why we offer support for those who have extra challenges in life.

Sadly, the National Disability Insurance Scheme does not yet cover our region.  It will come.  In the meantime, we have a team of doctors and a nurse with a special interest in disability who will do everything they can to link you with the right services.

How we help:

  • We do Annual Care Plans for those with conditions which impair their function
  • These trigger visits to allied health providers so you can get extra support
  • Combinations of behavioural and motor disorders are commonly treated by our team with appropriate medications
  • We offer free annual flu vaccinations for eligible patients
  • We offer nursing education and coaching so that you can make informed choices
  • We focus on our carers so that they get support too
  • We develop relationships with care homes to do onsite visits.

We know bad luck should not be the end of your world.  We will partner with you to make the best of what life still has to offer.