Chronic Disease

Any condition lasting longer than six months is defined as “chronic”.  The older we are, the more likely we are to have a chronic condition.  On average, seven out of 10 Australians over the age of 45 have a chronic disease.  Once you are over 60, odds are you will have two or more conditions.  So you are not alone if you have heart disease, diabetes or asthma.

Our general practice is specifically staffed to support patients with chronic disease.  We have a national reputation for providing innovative, comprehensive and community based care which many patients would ordinarily receive at the hands of private specialists.

We offer:

  • Ongoing care for those with diabetes
  • Insulin titration and management of those with complex diabetes
  • Care for all cardiovascular diseases from high blood pressure to angina
  • Care for respiratory diseases including asthma management and COPD
  • Extra care for those with diabetes, heart disease or pain driven depression
  • Complex care for those on more than five medications
  • Support with pain management
  • Assistance with accessing community care options
  • Enhanced care for Veterans Card Holders
  • Free flu vaccinations

Through our experienced nurses you will receive coaching, health tips, dietary insights, monitoring, links to other services and support to get over the unpredictable parts of life.  You can also receive up to five Medicare funded appointments with a range of allied health providers like podiatrists and physiotherapists where their input to your care team will help improve your health.  Access to this expanded, proactive range of care is provided through a Commonwealth funded GP Management Plan.  Ask your doctor if you are eligible today.