Our Patients

Our practice serves the needs of over 5000 patients. That group grows every week as new patients hear about the extra attention and care we offer. To make that care possible we take appointments so that you can organise your day and we can organise the right people to help you.

Many of our patients are third generation attenders of services which first began in this building in the mid 1970’s. For that reason, we deliver care to elderly housing commission residents alongside care to babies less than a day old. Cradle to grave care is a commitment we provide to all of our patients.

We are proud to count amongst our patients representatives of every wave of migrants and refugees Australia has welcome to its shores. Consequently, our patients list 120 different ethnicities in their profiles. Our team understand the outlook of people from many faiths and cultures and enjoy the richness of the stories shared by all of our patients.

Despite seeing anywhere from 800 to 1000 patients per week, we always remember everyone is an individual. Our care is tailored to your needs and responsive to the demands we see in our community. Our community is changing with many new housing estates bringing new families to our region. Our extended opening hours and breadth of skills across our clinical team mean we can support children and healthy workers through to patients in supported accommodation. We try and keep your goals at the forefront of our minds when managing your care. Our goal is to make sure nobody feels like a number and noone has to wait days to access great care.

To explore the full array of our many areas of service and expertise we have arranged details of what we do across a series of pages. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please ring our practice and find out how we can help you.