More than a Medical Centre

Inala Primary Care delivers comprehensive, accessible and evidence based care to over 5000 very complex patients.  We attempt to bridge the health and social care divide, integrate the offering of primary and secondary care and use business smarts to enhance the care we provide.

In order for us to live up to our commitment that “no patient will leave feeling like a number because every consultation makes a difference” we need exceptional staff and even better systems.  This data rich, proactive and well supported environment allows us to innovate.  Our record of innovation spans being an early adopter of tablets to facilitate home visits through to uploading the very first Shared Health Summary in the PCEHR.  We have generated a number of models of care for chronic disease which been taken up by other regions and health providers.  Our team stay in touch with national and international healthcare developments by doing study tours and even consulting to foreign governments.

In the process of stretching boundaries we have created numerous systems which help us do the work we do.   Our approach has to be intelligent and lean because our predominant source of income is bulk billed Medicare receipts.  It was based on independent assessment of our systems that we won Australian General Practice of the Year from AGPAL in May 2016.

We are regularly sought out to do consulting work, speak at conferences or collaborate on new initiatives.  This external partnering provides us with energy and opportunities to keep building our ideas base.  All revenues received from this work are re-invested in our social care, research and innovation activities.

The calibre of our team is well recognised.  They sit on a variety of committees including the Healthcare Home Program Evaluation Committee, the e-Mental Health Advisory Committee to the Black Dog Institute and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.  We have consulted to general practices, PHNs, private health insurers, industry bodies and government.

We have a number of systems which are we are in the process of commercialising.  If you want more data to use in managing your practice we may have the answer.  If you have an interest in technology and digital health, we may have an environment perfect for trialling your solution and enhancing it to suit the Australian primary care landscape.