The Keeping Kidneys Service can support patients with very early disease through to patients on conservative care pathways. The service deliberately targets patients much earlier in their disease progression than has been recommended in CKD guidelines specific to hospital referral. This openness rests in the belief that accurate diagnosis of disease before all kidney function is lost could lead to interventions which see more patients retain sufficient kidney function to avoid dialysis.
The Keeping Kidneys Service will not see:
• Children
• Transplant recipients
• Patients on dialysis
• Patients with a diagnosed renal impairment requiring cytotoxic therapy
• non-English speaking Patients


For guidance on disease staging please see the Kidney Health Australia table below:

Patients with Stage 1 and 2 disease will be seen to achieve a diagnosis. In most instances, these patients will receive management planning and be discharged to their referring GP for ongoing care (and billing of related EPC item numbers). Patients with more advanced disease may be maintained in a shared care arrangement seeing the Keeping Kidneys team once or twice per year to manage any progression. Patients with Stage 3b to 5 disease will enter shared care with a Nephrologist.