The Keeping Kidneys Project has been funded with a grant of $991,430 from the Queensland Health, Health Innovation Fund. The project officially commenced on 25th of July 2013 and will conclude in January 2016.

The project involves developing, piloting, replicating and studying a novel model of care for chronic kidney disease in greater Brisbane. The project will scale up in stages:
• Proof of Concept – November to February 2014 at Inala Primary Care
• Pilot – February to December 2014 at Inala Primary Care
• Phase II – expansion to two further sites January to December 2015
It is anticipated that a total of 700 patients will be supported across the three sites by the conclusion of the project.

The objectives for the project are laid out below:

1. Improved understanding of diagnosis, management and prognosis of chronic kidney disease by primary care physicians
2. Improved patient access to appropriate management at an earlier stage of chronic kidney disease via a model delivered in primary care with the support of specialist nephrology
3. Patients under management will see a slowing of the rate of CKD progression, increasing the time to end stage disease and dialysis
4. More patients accessing localised care under the co-ordination of a primary care physician
5. More specialist nephrology capacity freed to manage stage 3b to 5 CKD
6. More nephrology unit discharges or management via a shared care pathway with a primary care physician for patients with stage 3b-5 disease whose disease is not progressing.

The project is a partnership between Inala Primary Care and the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital with sponsorship from Princess Alexandra Hospital.