Our Patient Care Philosophy

Our commitment is to deliver care with our patients and their carers which means they can be their best every day.

Our guiding principles are:
• Every Australian has a right to local, high quality, affordable care which addresses their needs and connects them to appropriate health and social care providers.
• Care must be tailored to each person. Building trusting, ongoing relationships with patients and their families ensures delivery of the right care in the right way.
• Healthcare changes daily; investment in systems and education are required to bring evidence based care closer to patients and providers.
• Inequality which results in reduced life expectancy and quality of life is the greatest injustice in any society. Healthcare must play a role in creating better communities.

We accept that on average patients spend less than five hours a year with their doctors. Therefore, our role is to support self-management. This means:
• Giving patients and their families knowledge of their conditions
• Development of care plans which address the goals of patients and their care team
• Using decision support tools to aid clinicians and patients make informed choices
• Proactive monitoring of patient health and review of trends across the population
• Managing the physical, emotional, social and spiritual impacts of disease
• Advocating for healthy lifestyles and healthy community infrastructure