9 Weeks to Health – Canada Part 3…Integrated Care

The evolution of integrated care in the Canadian provinces is as variable as the languages spoken across this great country.  Each provincial area has the power to determine its own healthcare priorities.  These are largely reflective of the income base of the respective jurisdiction and the presence or absence of some of the larger and […]

9 Weeks to Health – Canada Part 2…The Human Face of Health

It will come as no surprise to you that Canada is a cold place.  It came as a surprise to us that Ottowa, our main study destination, is the second coldest capital in the world.  Now in extreme climates and circumstances cultures have two choices, to become brutal outposts of “survivalism” or special tribes who […]

9 Weeks to Health – Canada Part 1…Quality Healthcare

Different time zone, different continent, different health system.  Canada has rushed headlong into summer, missing spring almost all together, or so we have been told.  Something similar could be said for its health system.  Like Australia, it funds access to “medically necessary care” via a funding stream called Medicare.  Like Australia, it has many provinces […]

9 Weeks to Health – New Zealand Part 3…Youth Matters

Reflecting on my time in New Zealand I am struck by the focus on young people as a flavour to the public provision of healthcare.  Originally, New Zealand’s subsidised access to care began with the over 65’s, but even they had to pay a co-payment.  The next group to gain access to a subsidy were […]

9 Weeks to Health – Churchill Study Tour Reflections

New Zealand – Increasing the Pace of Integration 2 Every health system is a series of systems within systems. Common across most health systems is the centrality and power of the hospital sector.  This is a comparatively recent phenomena, driven by the rise of novel drugs and expensive medical devices in the 20th century.  The […]

9 Weeks to Health – Churchill Study Tour Reflections

New Zealand – Increasing the Pace of Integration 1 My first stop was Wellington, New Zealand.  You must excuse me for being drawn to the allegorical given this is the home of “Middle Earth”.  On my first evening in the country I dined at “The GP” an upmarket, pub style restaurant in the heart of […]

9 Weeks to Health – Churchill Study Tour Reflections

This Blog Page begins a series of posts which will be uploaded from New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK and Hong Kong over the next ten weeks.  The intent of each post is to keep the many people who have expressed interest in what I am learning up to date.  It is also to provide background […]