9 Weeks to Health – UK…Personal Budgets

Patient centred care means what it says; listening to and organising care with and around the unique individual in front of you.  So what do patients say most often?  They tell you that their biggest desire is for the various providers and agencies they interact with to offer seamless services based on their previously disclosed […]

9 Weeks to Health – UK…Virtual Medical Wards

Devon, beautiful one day, misty and cute the next.  The magical natural surrounds have been the catalyst for creating Britain’s worst demographic nightmare.  Nearly 8% of the population is over 85! They are where the UK will be in forty years in terms of population spread. With such a challenging patient profile, Devon is the […]

9 Weeks to Health – UK…Care Planning

Care Planning is a divisive issue in the health sector.  Most funders have tried to incentivise it at one stage or another.  It intuitively makes sense to take extra time to prospectively care for the most complex patients.  However, as current debate in Australia would indicate, the jury is out on its effectiveness.  Or is […]

9 Weeks to Health – UK…Co-opetition

It is a long time since I have written about “co-opetition”.  I was pregnant with my first child and trying to teach Masters level business students about the new world of strategy.  The teaching team decided upon the word to reflect the need to compete and collaborate in parallel.  The concept is still relevant and […]

9 Weeks to Health – UK…Clinician Shortages

Clinician shortages abound.  Ageing, chronic disease and rising patient expectations are chewing through any latent capacity within health systems around the world at the same time as the baby boomer participants in those workforces ease into retirement.  Everywhere health groups are talking about shortages of people. let alone good people! How do we overcome this? […]

9 Weeks to Health – UK…Big Data

Big data.  Everyone is talking about it, nobody really understands it and even fewer people are actually getting any value from it…most especially those in healthcare.  The UK has just had a public debate regarding patient data which offers insights to those with an ear to hear. It has been estimated that until 2003, 180 […]

9 Weeks to Health – UK…Huddles

  I love the UK, its wonderful architecture, stories of bygone days and cute accents.  It is this very history which is so attractive and also makes so many beholden to the past.  How does this impact healthcare? In reality, I have not been here long enough to tell.  What I have observed, is that […]

9 Weeks to Health – America…Lean but not Mean

Can you imagine a general practice without a waiting room?  What would a primary care facility look like if it had over 80 staff?  How would you organise to serve 25,000 or even 60,000 patients?  To see the answers you need travel no further than Virginia Mason in Seattle. The most revolutionary of their primary […]

9 Weeks to Health – America…Double or Nothing

Australia spends just 6% of the total Medicare pool on primary care. We also know that 4% of our population use 40% of Medicare services.  So what would happen if we doubled the allocation of funding to primary care?  Would it drive down the overall cost of supporting these high intensity users? America is home […]

9 Weeks to Health – America…Beyond Telehealth

America and Australia share some common geographical features. We both occupy massive land areas.  Our populations are largely concentrated on the eastern seaboard.  Our specialty physician capacity is largely centred around teaching hospitals in the largest cities.  Our funders and policy makers live in some of the most affluent and educated parts of the country. […]