About us

Inala Primary Care is an independent, not-for-profit General Practice dedicated to helping our local community by providing quality, evidence-based care. We help patients manage chronic conditions and avoid acute healthcare problems by providing a range of personalised health services. We also provide or link patients with relevant social care services because health issues are often related to life circumstance.

We lobby for national healthcare reform to make comprehensive healthcare accessible to all Australians, especially for people with complex needs. We strive to reduce healthcare costs by bringing care out of hospitals and into the community, and working with patients to take control of their own health. We pioneer and pilot novel models of care, and constantly innovate our technology and systems to ensure we deliver patient care more effectively and efficiently. We invest in our staff, services and research to help solve common and future healthcare problems facing Australians. We actively partner with academic, industry, health service and social care providers to bridge the health and social care divide, and to give a voice to the voiceless. We want to create a healthier, more equal society by making comprehensive health and social care mainstream and accessible.

So Inala Primary Care is not your usual doctor’s surgery. We can offer a team to each patient so that they get the care they really need. That is why we have doctors, nurses, allied health, and where funding permits social care providers, all under the one roof actively working together to improve the lives of each and every patient. It takes a special group of people who really want to serve others and make healthcare more affordable for taxpayers and patients alike to our work. That is why we promise that no patient will leave feeling like a number because every consultation makes a difference.

Business Hours:              

Monday – Friday 7.30am- 5pm

Saturday 8.30am-noon

Sunday– Closed

Public Holidays– Closed