Inala Primary Care reached a major milestone in the 2017 calendar year.  We delivered over 40,000 consultations.  This is a big number underpinned by the big hearts our team have for their patients.  So what does 40,000 appointments mean?

  • 27,000 patients saw a doctor for care
  • 6500 needed an injection, wound dressed, ears cleaned or heart monitored by a nurse
  • Over 2000 education sessions were delivered by our chronic disease nurses
  • Nearly 300 newly arrived refugees were screened
  • 500 minor operations were performed
  • Over 1000 mental health consultations occurred with psychologists or nurses
  • 500, predominantly diabetic, patients had foot care with a podiatrist
  • Another 500 received support from a Diabetes Educator
  • 500 physiotherapy and dietetics appointments occurred

The number of appointments we delivered grew by 1/5th over the previous year.  That means more people are putting their faith in our dedicated team of 43 people.  Through introducing extended hours in the last quarter of the year, we increased our access for working patients.  Together with new doctors joining the team, we expanded our appointments by 59% in just over two years.  That means patients can see the doctor of their choice when they need it.  Best of all, more than half of our team have been with the practice for more than five years.  We know our patients, we continue to innovate to meet their needs and they tell their friends we offer more services than any other practice in the region.  That is why our charitable general practice delivered 40,000 appointments in a year.  If you care about your health, get your care in an Award Winning Practice where patient needs come before dollars.