Award winning, personalised care so you can be your best every day

At our practice, no patient leaves feeling like a number because every consultation makes a difference.

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    Experience a quality service like no other

    • No fees

      We bulk bill so that cost is no barrier to receiving the care you need. Everyone with a Medicare card can receive care paid for by the government in our practice. So rather than think about fees think about your health and make an appointment today.

    • Longer consultations

      We never book more than 4 patients per hour. That means 50% more time with your doctor than in most bulk billing practices. We listen, get to know you and offer care right for you. We become a team with our patients, their families and carers. This allows us to pull together and in the same direction when going about your daily life becomes tough because of illness.

    • Real service

      Our practice has won awards for delivering the care people really need. We have GPs in our team responsible for sharing their knowledge of particular diseases with their colleagues. We have an intranet which holds the best templates we can find to make sure your care is well organised. This means our patients get great care informed by the latest evidence.

    We put the care back into healthcare through:

    • Offering choice of doctor and appointment time
    • The latest equipment and evidence to guide care
    • Making sure you can get in when you are sick
    • Employing extra nurses to provide patient support
    • Offering podiatry, physiotherapy, psychology, exercise physiology and dieticians

    How do we know our care works?

    • Australia’s general practice quality auditors made us General Practice of the Year in May 2016.
    • We see around 15 new patients each week so others are voting with their feet.
    • In our district both the Hospital System and Primary Health Network recognise our work, regularly inviting us to present at forums.
    • We are one of the few doctor’s surgeries doing research.  We could take the funds used as profit but investing in your care is more important to us.
    • Our team has been has been sought out to teach the next generation of doctors and even qualified GPs wanting extra skills.

    So if you want a medical team you can trust book now and experience the Inala Primary Care difference for yourself.

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